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What do launching rockets, creating video games and winning car races have in common?

They all involve math!

Join Williams Math club in order to solve problems quickly and efficiently enabling you to compete in the Math Olympiad. The program will be offered to all 4th and 5th grade students for the academic year 2023-2024. This club will be completely run by parent volunteers where children learn under the guidance of math coaches. Parents of the registered children are required to volunteer as math coaches. Parents are also required to be in the class with their child every class to help them with learning each week. No prior teaching experience is required. Parents are also required to help with the Monthly Math Olympiad Contest.

The Math club curriculum is largely based on the Math Olympiad contest. The program runs each week from September to March. The club will only meet when school is in session. Classes will be canceled if no volunteers are available. There is no cost to participate in this club. We recommend you purchase the MOEMS book for your child to practice. It’s available on the MOEMS website as well.

The 2024-2025 registration and club days are TBA. ​Please check back at a later time for details.

Math Club Advisors



1. What is Math Club?
Math Club is an after-school, not for fee, club offered at Williams for interested 4th and 5th grade students. The students will follow the curriculum and format per the Math Olympiad contest - Students will meet weekly for about 50 minutes to practice.

2. What happens in every class?
Students will learn concepts (taught by a parent volunteer) and then practice answering a problem set from the book. The class will jointly discuss answers and methods.

3. What is the parent role?
Parents are required to be present with their students at every class to help with learning. Additionally, parents will need to volunteer to teach concepts (of their choosing) to the class.

4. When do the classes start?
We are aiming to start classes the week of September 12, 2023.

5. What if my student misses a class?
Not a problem. They can catch-up next week or practice the problem set at home.

6. When is the test?
There are 5 monthly tests that will be administered November through March.

7. What is in the test?
The test will consist of 5 questions. The students will have to answer 5 questions in 30 minutes. Each question is 1 point.

8. Where are the tests held?
Tests are held in the same classroom as the weekly Math Club sessions. It will be in lieu of a regular class.

9. When are the tests?
The dates will be announced once the program starts.

10.What if my student misses a test?
There are no make-up contests for individual students.

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