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Get gussied up and ready to Par-Tea with our Williams Community!


WINS cordially invites you and your student to join us for an afternoon together at the Williams Tea Party. Get gussied up and enjoy a lovely afternoon of tea, pastries and finger sandwiches. Tickets are $80 for the initial adult and student pairing.


When: Sunday, November 12th

Time: 2pm - 4pm

Where: Lisa's Tea Treasures in Campbell

Each ticket includes tea, pastries, and hors d'oeuvres. (Lemonade & decaffeinated teas available*)


Adult & Student - $80

Additional Adult - $65

Additional Student - $40

**Space is limited and first come, first serve and because this is an off-site venue, we cannot offer any refunds.

Please contact with any questions. 


Thank you for attending our reimagined Williams Tea Party! We hope you enjoyed some much needed down time with your student(s), family member(s) and friends. It was so lovely to see our Whales dressed in their fine Tea Party attire.


If you are interested in being the Tea Party Chair for next year, please contact We have a detailed post-event report/playbook, so you wouldn't be doing this from scratch. You can replicate this event as is, or gather a few friends together to plan a Tea Party in someone's backyard, like we used to do pre-pandemic. If you choose to go back to a traditional backyard Tea Party, WINS has all the tea sets, tablecloths, and some other supplies to set you up for success.


The advantages of planning the Tea Party is that you will get to pick the date of the event, determine the menu, etc. We really hope this tradition can continue at Williams.

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