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Thank you so much for volunteering as a Room Parent! Below are resources to help you navigate your Room Parent experience this school year.


  1.  Partner with your teacher to coordinate classroom parties, other events and communications as needed during the year. 

  2.  Budget accordingly for this year's planned activities and submit receipts to WINS Treasurer ( for expenses.

  3.  Organize Teacher Appreciation Week for your class.

For any questions, contact the Room Parent Program Chair at




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Class budgets cover the cost of supplies for parties and Teacher Appreciation

Week (includes door decoration, lunch & drinks; gifts are not included)

Sample Budget

Class size about 20 students

Budget: $600

$50 TAW Door supplies, teacher's favorite lunch and drink

$540 for 4 Class Parties (e.g. Halloween, Winter, Spring, End of the Year)

  • Somewhere between$120-150/party is a good amount to budget.

  • You may want to have a larger budget for the End of Year, as that's typically the larger of the 4 parties. 

  • You are being provided a budget based on # of children in your class. Your budget may be much higher than the sample budget if you have a higher student count. You are not required to spend all of the budget, please use your best judgement in spending as much as you need to have a fun celebration with the students in your class. 

party time.png

Connect with your teacher and discuss which parties you will be celebrating in your class.

Typically most classes will do a Halloween Party, Winter Party, Spring Party and End of Year Party, but ultimately it is to the discretion of your teacher.

*Please remember to ask about food allergies and if the teacher will allow food at the parties.

Party receipts and reimbursements:

  • Only expenses pertaining to the party will be reimbursed. 

  • Reimbursements are required to be submitted within the same month as the party. For example, expense reports for the Halloween party should be submitted by 10/31. 

  • Room Parent should submit one consolidated expense report. For example, if multiple parents purchased supplies for the party, they would submit receipts to the RP and when WINS sends reimbursement, the RP would reimburse those parents accordingly.


  • Required Budget Tracker: HERE

  • Optional Planning Template: HERE 

  • WINS Reimbursement online form: HERE

  • WINS Reimbursement form SAMPLE: HERE


Typically, gifts are given to the teacher for the Winter Holiday, Birthday, and End of Year. Please provide suggestions to your class families from these teacher lists so they may gift your teacher, if desired.

Please remember, WINS funds CANNOT be used towards a gift or gift card for the teacher.

Teacher & Staff Wish Lists




Ereno | Lamy | Murtha


E. Liu | Soliz | Yanai


Ganjtomari | Nolan | Osmanski


Hashimoto | O'Marah | Polizzotto


Krueer | Maguire | Schmedding | Shelley


Eberhardt | Gallo | R. Liu | McCash


Monique, Office Manager

Ann, Office Specialist

Andrea, Nurse

Mrs. Spoelstra, Librarian

Shadi, SLP


  1. ​​Check the school calendar for Teacher Appreciation Week (typically in May)

  2. Make plans to recruit volunteers to decorate your teacher's door the Sunday before or early Monday. 

  3. Ask your teacher about his/her favorite lunch and drink. Recruit a volunteer to help order and deliver those items to your teacher at a desired time.

  4. Discuss with your teacher about what she would like to get as an Appreciation gift. Gifts may be purchased, made or a combination of both. *Please note that your classroom budget for TAW is only allotted for door decoration supplies, a lunch and a drink for your teacher. You can provide suggestions to your class families from your teacher's wishlist so they may gift your teacher anything extra, if desired.

Here are some additional ideas to make the week celebrating your teacher fun:

  • Design a banner and display it outside the classroom (i.e. on classroom door)

  • Provide breakfast (i.e. coffee, muffin, etc.).

  • Class Fruit Basket: each child brings in a piece of fruit for the basket:

  • Flower Day: each child brings a flower to create a class flower bouquet:

  • Treats Day: each child brings your teacher's favorite beverage and treat item.

  • Make a poster with the kid’s baby pictures for the teacher to guess who is who.

  • Make a poster with the kids doing their favorite things, hide the pictures and write a clue on top for each one so the teacher can guess who the student is.

  • Enlist the help of other families and provide dinner for the teacher’s family.

  • Make a gift basket filled with his/her favorite items.

  • Have each student design a personal card.

  • Gift Cards Bouquet: each child brings a gift card in a nominal amount to create a card bouquet.

  • Give him/her a potted plant.

  • Baked Goods Day – each child brings in some type of homemade or store-bought baked good (i.e. cookie, muffin, etc.).

  • Recipe Day – each child brings a recipe from home and make a homemade cookbook of everyone’s recipes.

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